Environmental Friendly

The Future Of Global Transportation Is Here. And It’s An Electric Bicycle (or eBike for short)


Are eBikes good for the environment? How do eBikes work? And why should you choose an eBike? This article answers it all.


Look, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know the majority of people are in favor of more sustainable travel options. That means less oil, and more electricity.


But it’s not just cars that are going electric.


eBikes are the exciting new trend in bicycles that are designed for dozens of uses: there are now eBike mountain bikes, eBikes for hunting, eBikes with cargo, eBikes for off road, and dozens of eBike accessories making them one of the most versatile ways to travel in the world.


A Revolution In Urban Transportation


The way eBikes work is a combination of human and eBike battery power: you charge them up, and they assist you in reaching and maintaining higher speeds than you’d normally be able to achieve by yourself.


They can be deftly maneuvered through many tight spaces, driven in traffic along with cars, and parked at a much lower daily rate – not to mention they are a fraction of the price of a car… Making these new eBikes a much more attractive option for urban commuters.


XPRIT Is 100% Electric, With ZERO Emissions!


Best of all, these bikes are charged via an outlet at your home or a public charging station – they emit 0% greenhouse gas. There is absolutely no fossil fuel involved in making these new eBikes work… Therefore an eBike is a future-proof purchase!


In the case of XPRIT, we even go the extra mile to ensure our packing materials are 98% recyclable. We utilize EPE foam which can be recycled almost 100% multiple times in a row. It is also a rare foam that is completely biodegradable in 6-24 months. That’s a big upgrade compared to the 100-1,000 years it takes for other packing materials to degrade!


Every eBike is transported to your front door in 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard, with the absolute minimum use of zip ties. As a result, XSPRIT packaging is over 98% recyclable, and the bike inside is amazing for the environment!


Would you like to get your hands on a speedy, eco-friendly,

enjoyable and high-tech eBike of your own?

Try XPRIT! We strive to lead the industry in optional capabilities while maintaining our strict dedication to an environmentally friendly future. We carry 6 models for every common eBike use, as well as eBike accessories to customize your own ride.

Thanks for reading, we hope to see you in the shop!